Care for a Marimo

Parent and Child Marimo AquariumMarimo in the Black SeaWhere should a Marimo Aquarium be placed?
It can be place anywhere with bright to moderately bright light.  Artificial light is also fine for it as long as it’s kept away from direct sunlight as it can burn the Marimo.

What kind of maintenance does it require?
To keep a Marimo healthy, use your finger to push it around every now and then to maintain all of its sides green.  This is to ensure the Marimo will get even lighting all around.

When changing water, pour about half of it out, and replace it with filtered water about every 7-10 days.  If you notice the water is cloudy, change out the water completely ( no need to wait until the 7th, 8th, or 9th day to change it.  Do it right away!).  Keep in mind to always use filtered water as the chlorine in tap water can harm the little one.

On a warmer day stick your finger in the water to make sure the water temperature remains cool.  If it’s warm change the water out, and move the Marimo further away from its original location.  The water should always remain cool, or it will burn it.

What does brown spots on a Marimo mean?
It means it may be a sign of sun burn.  Check the water to make sure it is cool, and make sure the Marimo is not receiving direct sun light.  Even if the Marimo is 10ft away from a window doesn’t mean it is getting filtered sunlight.  If the light is coming from the south facing window, and there is no curtain on the window the sun can still shine directly on it.  Just observe the sun rays and see where it’s hitting.  Sun rays is much like a spot light shining directly on the Marimo making it sweat until it well, burns.  So remember to do the finger check!

What is the fuzzy stuff clouding around the Marimo?Fuzzy Things in Marimo Aquarium

When you see the fuzzy stuff clouding around the Marimo, or floating in the water there is no need to worry.  These are other algae that are producing.  Simply clean the Marimo, and change the water and it’ll be fine.

You can clean the Marimo if it doesn’t look very green,  has a bit of the brownish color, or have fuzzy things growing on it by putting it in a bowl of filtered water and squeezing out the dirty water inside of it.  By repeating this process a few times you should notice the water clearing up.  Now you can change out the water in its home, and place it back in.

Marimos FloatingThere are bubbles in the water, what does it mean?

When there is enough filtered light you’ll find the Marimo producing oxygen; thus, it would create bubbles, and even float to the top.  The Marimo also tend to get more green if it gets enough filtered light so placing it in a cool and bright area would slowly achieve this.

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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog — it is SO cool! and I love Marimo — he really is adorable :)

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